My domain has finally been fixed! My website is now up and running and features my new blog, a pattern gallery and a whole bunch of new things to come (a DIY page full of tutorials!)… 

You can find it at:


Check it out and let me know what you think. Still feel free to leave pattern requests and suggestions for products/website ideas, those have been super helpful this year!

See you over there 🙂 

Pattern 39

Pattern 39

So, my first ‘toile de jouy’ pattern attempt will be the design I expand on for my final collection. Here’s a (quickly-made!) coordinating pattern; this one’s theme is Welsh castles!

Pattern 37


I’m SUPER glad I finally got around to giving this one a go! ‘Toile de Jouy’ inspired pattern attempt (i’m sure the first of many) featuring pieces from old patterns.
A mixture of hand-drawn, hand-painted, digitally drawn and photographic work. Repeated and edited in Photoshop CS4.

(Click image to see it larger)



Making progress finally! Should be done with this pattern by the end of today.