Let’s wipe the dust off this old blog!

A baby and a sleep deprived year later and I’ve finally got the time to get nostalgic over my uni years through this old WordPress blog. It amazed me to find that people still visit my old patterns – bad and good – even more so now than when I was actually uploading on a daily basis! It’s definitely motivated me to get my paints out from the garage and start getting creative again.

I’ve been thinking about competitions a lot lately; Tigerprint competitions used to be a lot of fun, every month you had the chance of entering a new competition with a fun brief but it seems they’re taking a break from hosting them. <http://www.tigerprint.uk.com&gt;

Do any of you passers-by know of any surface pattern competitions that you could recommend? I’d love to get re-invloved with surface pattern and get messy with my 1 year old!

See you all very soon